It’s time for your favorite thing and mine, Friday Reads! I’m following a recommendation from a Twitter friend for Mary Frances Hendry’s overlooked YA classic Quest for a Maid.

Monkey See’s Linda Holmesis reading all the books, but we’ll narrow that down to her “current absorbing fiction” selection, Joshia Ferris’ new To Rise Again at a Decent Hour.

Team member Nicole Cohen is reading Taxi, by Khaled Al Khamissi.  Rose Friedman reports, “I’m plowing through The Unwitting by Ellen Feldman so that I can get to In The Wolf’s Mouth by Adam Foulds.”

Arts editor Deb George is reading On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City, by Alice Goffman, and she says “It’s not often that a work of ethnography makes me cry. She’s a good writer and it’s a good read for anyone interested in immersion journalism.”

Finally, Arts correspondent Karen Grigsby Bates reports, “Just finished The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden — audio version this time — by Jonas Jonasson.  Wonderful two-continent caper involving the insanity of apartheid, potential nuclear warfare, misguided anti-monarchism and some VERY mistaken identity.  Seriously.  All told through the eyes of a fiercely intelligent, formidably astute South African girl, Nombeko Mayeki.  A little Alexander McCall Smith (The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency), a little Mark Twain,  a little Hunter Thompson — and a whole lot of fun.”

What’s on your TBR pile for the weekend?

— Petra


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    Quest for a Maid is AMAZING! I read it about a thousand times as a kid, and it is most likely where my obsession with...