It’s our favorite time (and hopefully yours), Friday Reads!

I’ve got an ARC of Jasper Fforde’s lastest Chronicles of Kazam book (though, dude, if you’re listening, I’m boycotting everything else UNTIL YOU WRITE SHADES OF GREY 2)

Code Switch’s Kat Chow is debating whether or not to finish Allegiant.

Arts correspondent Neda Ulaby is reading Tenth of December for her book club: “It absolutely exceeds the hype. Also, finally! A book not for work!”

Founding Mother Susan Stamberg is reading The Art Forger, a novel about the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist.

And Team Member Rose reports she’s about to start 10:04, by Ben Lerner. How about you?


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  4. dontbeacatdraco answered: JF has said there will be a standalone book set in the SoG universe which I think might be before SoG2? Or maybe I made that part up idk
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    I have basically gone achromatic waiting in anticipation of the Shades of Grey sequel(s). Favorite book.
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