Hey everyone!  What’s your Friday Read?

I’m going to check out Havemercy, the first Dragon Corps book.

NPR Music’s Felix Contreras is reading Akashic’s Mexico City Noir compilation: “I just got back from a trip to Mexico and I loaded my kindle with one of those amazing Akashic noir series, Mexico City Noir. It has a fantastic intro written by my fav crime writer, Mexico’s Paco Ignacio Taibo (PIT).”

Boss Lady Ellen is reading Kicking the Skyabout the immigrant Portuguese community in 1970’s Toronto.

Nicole is reading number9dream, by David Mitchell.

Rose is reading All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

And Arts guru Tom Cole says, “When we got word about Peter Matthiessen’s impending demise, I dug out the paperback of Far Tortuga that I bought when it came out.  The opening is an amazing description of a sunrise as it gradually breaks across Grand Cayman Island from East to West.  I’ve just started the novel again.  I read slowly.  You won’t need to send me another one of these emails until the fall.” 


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